Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Volunteer With Team Firestopper!

It's getting chilly, which in Red Cross land means home fires are going to start sparking. TEAM FIRESTOPPER is here to help families learn how to stop those fires before they begin. Conducting safety home makeovers and teaching seminars in fire-prone neighborhoods, these volunteers are pretty rad. Yep, that means they're ready and dedicated. Like that? I just made it up.

Really though, the TEAM could use your help as we head to Joliet this weekend, then on to Pislen, Aurora, Roseland and Waukegan in the coming weeks. Learn more here about how to volunteer (ooo it even rhymes!). You can pitch in with a friend or by yourself. See how fun it is: (Scroll over the word "Notes" to read all about it)

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