Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teddy Bears Offer Hope to Cope

A small item such as a teddy bear can make a huge impact to a child that has been affected by a disaster. It gives them hope to cope with traumatic experiences, such as losing your home to a fire. Comfort is an important part of their recovery.
Many youth volunteers such as those in the Red Cross Club at Northside College Prep High School take action to help children in need by holding teddy bear drives at their school. This winter, members of the Red Cross Club collected bears and other stuffed animals to donate to the Greater Chicago chapter. Our Disaster Action Team distributes the teddy bears to children (and sometimes even to adults) when they respond to local emergencies.

KUDOS to the Northside College Prep High School Red Cross Club for collecting 125+ teddy bears! For the remainder of the school year, they plan to hold a blood drive, a first aid training for students, and collect blankets for families living in shelters. They understand that their contributions and efforts make a difference to others. “If every student donates one pint of blood or one teddy bear or one blanket, each donor impacts a life,” states Zahra Lalani, Club President.

It’s great to see motivated youth, taking action to give back to their communities! Interested in implementing a service project in your school or workplace? Contact Eboni Prince in at

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