Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What Are You Waiting For?

Here in Disaster Services, we know the perks of being a Disaster Action Team (DAT) volunteer.
For example, we know that while responding to fires, there’s always a chance that your backside will make the news.
We know that there are always snacks – here at the office or off of a canteen.

We also know that we can make a difference.

Yesterday, the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago responded to a 2 alarm fire on W. Hollywood in the city of Chicago.
While Fire Fighters were making heroic ladder rescues, the Red Cross was on the move.

Sam was part of the first team that arrived on scene. Along with several other volunteers, he worked with the Fire Department, the Landlord of the building, and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications to ensure that the residents of the building were going to have a place to go.

The Red Cross opened a shelter that is currently staffed with outstanding volunteers to provide those displaced with food clothing and shelter.

A very wise man once said that the best part about being a Disaster Action Team volunteer is that you are spending time actually helping those in need instead of wondering and hoping that they will get help.

So sure, Sam and the other volunteers may have missed last night's "The Bachelor" 3 hour special (Don't worry, he's going to catch it online later today). They may have been just a little bit cold hanging out by the lake front. But they went home knowing that the residents of the building on W. Hollywood had a safe place to stay for the evening, clothes and something to eat.

What are you waiting for?

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