Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why I volunteer

I couldn't be happier to be serving my community under the banner of the American Red Cross. As a resource development intern, I know that I'm supporting an organization that provides life-changing services to people who need it most, and as a Disaster Action Team volunteer I can see the mission of the Red Cross being fulfilled in the smiles of those whom we have served after a local disaster has occurred.

A passion for humanitarian services has been welling up inside of me ever since I began to know the homeless community in my hometown, Downers Grove. Working at a local coffee shop I witnessed the toilsome and nomadic lifestyle of these destitute people and began to build relationships with them. When I learned of the many circumstances and conditions that can lead to such a life, I developed a strong compassion for those who are in need of support from the community.

That’s why I volunteered to serve at the Red Cross of Greater Chicago. When a family is forced out of their home because of a flood, fire, or any other disaster, the next few days/weeks of their lives will determine how extensive the effect of their displacement will be. That’s where the Red Cross comes to the rescue. We provide food, shelter, clothing, medical and emotional support, and much more for our neighbors when they need it most. And we couldn’t do it without the financial support of our donors, who give generously even in this challenging economic climate. Thank you to all those who support our humanitarian mission, your donations of time and money have a major impact on the well-being of our community.

To become a volunteer or to make a donation to the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, please visit our web site

George J Hofmann II
Development Operations Intern, Disaster Action Team Volunteer.

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