Monday, May 11, 2009

"If I Don't Work, You Don't Live"

While cruising back from a fire last weekend, Sam and I came upon a billboard which read. “ If I Don’t Work, You Don’t Live” and it showed a picture of a smoke detector.
At first, I thought this was a bit over dramatic, unnecessarily terrifying – but after I thought about it, the message is more than appropriate.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), over 800 lives could be saved a year if smoke detectors were used and used properly.
Sam and I can attest to this figure with our own DAT experience. An overwhelming majority of those who experience a fire in their home are alerted by a smoke detector – some even accredit the detector with saving their lives.

While basic standards advise people to have at least one working smoke detector on each floor of a home, the NFPA suggests placing a smoke detector in each sleeping area of a home, stairways and basements.

Without being overly quixotic, we’d prefer to never have to respond to another fire and have to report back that there had been a fatality.

So please, install those smoke detectors. Already have them? Be sure to test them once a month.

Stay classy, Chicago.

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