Thursday, June 04, 2009

Have a Drink for Your Health

With the weekend quickly approaching, many people may be thinking they need a drink after a long week at work. Instead of heading to your local pub to unwind, why not head out to your neighborhood Jamba Juice and drink for a cause?

This weekend, all 35 Chicagoland Jamba Juice locations will be donating 20 percent of all their sales to the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. These proceeds will help support the necessary funds needed to provide disaster relief and other services that the Chicago Red Cross provides to the local community every day.

For those of you thinking, Jamba Juice doesn’t have anything that you would like, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Jamba Juice has something for everyone. Personally, I like the Jamba Classic menu, especially the Strawberry Surf Rider. Along with smoothies, and fruit-juice drinks, Jamba has a low-calorie menu, nutrition drinks and baked goods. Believe me, there is something out there for everyone. Take a look at the Jamba Juice Menu, to discover all of the drinks yourself.

You can drink Jamba Juice Friday through Sunday and know that you are making a difference in your community through the benefits provided to the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. So come on in, unwind, and enjoy your weekend by experiencing Jamba Juice, and having a drink for a cause.

Jamba Juice can be found across the Chicagoland area, so there is sure to be one near you. Check out the Jamba Juice Locations to find one close to you!

~Megan Wallace~
-Photo courtesy of Terri Swallow


Katie Nagus said...

What a delicious way to support a great cause!

Karyn Brianne said...

Love it! Just posted the story on my blog, The Fabulous Giver!