Monday, August 17, 2009

The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago DOES have a boat!

Well... the Greater Chicago Red Cross Chapter almost has a boat. We definitely collected a lot of cardboard last week, and the dock space of the Chapter was approved as our official building and storage facility. Why would we need a boat? To show our support during the Fox Valley United Way "What Floats Your Cardboard Boat" Race of course! The United Way is a HUGE supporter of the Red Cross, so yesterday, the team came together to work on creating an actual boat out of our cardboard collection. Our boat will (hopefully) look like an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV), which in reality serves food to those affected by disasters. It's the Aqua-ERV!
As you can see, we utilized the "log roll" and "foot stomp" styles to glue pieces together, which will be used as the base of the boat. After a lot of box cutting and duct tape, we succesfully created wheels for the ERV. We'll continue work this week and will keep you updated with our progress. If you would like your name to appear on the Aqua-ERV, consider sponsorship opportunities. Also, if you would like to assist in delivering the boat to the racing site or know someone who has this ability, contact Carrie Wall at

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Anonymous said...

The Aqua-ERV (affectionately called the S.S. Clara Barton) is being created for the United Way charity kick off event this Saturday. See below for details: