Monday, November 16, 2009

Startin’um off young!

Team Firestopper is working to prevent fires from sparking in the first place! On November 15th we canvassed the city of Waukegan with fire safety information, tips, and lots of volunteers!!! The broad awareness campaign is a wonderful volunteer opportunity that people of all ages can participate in. But, what do I mean by “all ages”? Well. . . As we found out at the Team Firestopper event this past Sunday, even someone who is 4 years old can make a difference with Team Firestopper!

A few weeks ago my friend, Oliver, asked if I needed him to help out and volunteer for any of the Team Firestopper events. Obviously, I said “sure!” We discussed what type of events that were available for him to volunteer and agreed that the community canvassing in Waukegan would be the best fit. A few days later he called to ask if his 4 year old son, Josh, could also attend. Again, I said “sure, and if you think he would be o.k. walking a few blocks, he could also volunteer.”

That was exactly what Oliver hoped to hear. He told me that he and his wife, Christine, were teaching Josh the importance of giving and that they also wanted to teach him about getting involved and helping others. They believe it is essential to teach their son early on the importance of volunteering and what better place then with his “Uncle Adam” at the American Red Cross.

On Sunday, the entire Fajardo family participated in hanging door hangers in Waukegan and Josh had a great time! Josh raced from house to house, with his parents looking on, and helped cover 8 blocks with door hangers! Oliver stated that they brought a stroller for Josh in case he got tired. Josh did end up using the stroller, for a 30 second water break, and then it was back to hanging door hangers! Josh is on a great path to becoming an active member in his community and I am sure the American Red Cross will continue to see Josh for many years to come!

Fire Safety Tip of the Week: Keep blankets, curtains, furniture and other flammable items away from space heaters. How far away? At least 3 feet!

Submitted on behalf of Adam McGriffin- Mitigation VISTA


Anonymous said...

What an incredible and fun way to introduce children and adults alike to the importance of being part of a caring community. Kudos to the parents of Josh!! And Josh, keep up the good work and the spirit of giving.

Oliver Fajardo said...

Thanks, Adam for writing this blog!

Christine and I are extremely proud of Josh! He was was very enthusiastic throughout the walk around the neighborhood. I think he hung more than half of the door hangers that we had by himself - I just handed each over to him.

Josh asked me to read the door hanger a few times as walked from house to house. I feel that was able to grasp what we were doing at that time.

Also, thanks to Adam and Katie's demo of the emergency bag,we bought a bag yesterday and will be filling it up with batteries, first aid kit, water, snacks, etc.

Finally, I hope that my friends and their networks who will read the blog realize and appreciate what you and the American Red Cross are doing in terms of providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education domestically. Hopefully, we can volunteer/assist more in the future!

Kristin Claes said...

Oliver, it's so awesome that you brought Josh out to help. What a great example you're setting!

Unknown said...

Way to go Josh! Thank God for having the best parents doing their very best to guide and walk you through a life full of love and sharing. We, your Lolo and Lola from New York, are so happy and very proud of what you've done at a very tender age of 4. Keep up the good work. We love you very much!!!