Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa?! I KNOW him!!

Yesterday, two of my co-workers and I volunteered to deliver Holiday Cards for Heroes to VA clinics and hospitals in the area.
One of our stops was at the USO in Midway Airport. Our instructions were to enter the Airport and meet a representative from the USO at the door.
As we waited we watched frantic travelers getting ready for their holiday celebrations.
Suddenly, we saw a man who had a striking resemblance to Santa walk towards us.
The representative from the USO who came to meet us had a full white beard and was wearing a bright red flannel shirt. As I shook his hand he gave me a warm smile.
He also told us that he would give the holiday cards to service members who were flying out that day to Iraq and Afghanistan.
He was very grateful that we were able to deliver the cards in time for service members to receive them before Christmas.
As we left, I got a feeling that the man we just met would soon be leaving on his sleigh to bring holiday cheer to all :)

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