Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do you know your Chicago fire trivia?!

Think you’re a trivia buff? Well we’re challenging you to test your knowledge about Chicagoland and its history with fire! Plus, learn a little more about what the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago does!

The Great Chicago Fire burned during October of _____ destroying about 4 square miles of Chicago and killing hundreds in its path.
a. 1892 b. 1871 c. 1902 d. 1805

What Chicago building was NOT spared during the blaze of the Great Chicago Fire?
a. Old St. Patrick’s Church b. The O’Leary’s home c. Chicago Water Tower d. Palmer House

Which of these is the higher ranking official in the Chicago Fire Department?
a. Battalion Chief b. Lieutenant c. Fire Engineer d. Captain

In the Chicagoland region, the American Red Cross responds to approximately how many residential fires a year?
a. 100 b. 500 c. 1,000 d. 5,000

At which school in the city of Chicago did a fire occur and spur reform of fire codes for school fire safety regulations around the U.S.?
a. Walter Payton b. Our Lady of Angels School c. New London School d. UIC

What month is typically celebrated as Fire Prevention Month?
a. January b. March c. November d. October

What is the name of the fire prevention program ran by the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago?

a. Team Firestopper b. Stop Fires Chicago c. The Extinguishers

Answers: 1: b; 2: d; 3: a; 4: c; 5: b; 6: d; 7: a

Fire Safety Tip of the Week: Practice a fire escape plan with the members of your household. Remember to find at least two exits out of every room and create a meeting place for all household members to go if a fire does threaten your home!

Fire safety tips are brought to you by Team Firestopper! We’re working to stop fires before they start in your community! For more information or fire tips, visit www.chicagoredcross.org/tfs or www.redcross.org/homefires!

Sources: Chicago Fire Department, American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, Wikipedia

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