Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Relief Workers with Haitians at O'Hare

UPDATE: We have beautiful, professional photos like the one above from O'Hare last night, taken by Gerry Holmes, available on our Flickr page here. Hooray! Captions coming soon. (WGN just announced it's National Hugging Day. How appropriate.)

Many of you have heard that the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago is part of the welcoming team at O'Hare tonight for a flight of people who've arrived from Haiti. We were ready with blankets, mittens, food, and our disaster mental health volunteers--people who are trained to help disaster victims cope with the immense stress they're facing.

Here are some pics from inside the airport tonight (Do you spot Gov. Quinn? He's moving fast!). You can read the press release with full details here and keep up all night with our awesome volunteer who's tweeting from the Red Cross response at O'Hare, @HanaYi. Here are some choice tweets from her earlier in the night:

@HanaYi: Interview of woman-explains the aftershocks, today is the first big meal since the quakes and raves about Chicago's provided care #chihelpsHaiti

@HanaYi: Just held a 2 month old baby boy named Resu. Looking to locate some baby formula.

Creating a serving system-taking groups to get food from the kitchen after they wrap up in jackets/scarfs/hats/gloves..

(Then Hana lost her contact lens)

@HanaYi: Still blind as a bat-but seeing more than I have ever seen #Haiti

More to come...

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