Thursday, April 01, 2010

Scrubby Bear says "Wash those hands!"

Who knew washing your hands could be so adorable!

Last week I went to Melcafe Elementary School to witness our awesome AmeriCorps worker, Claire Rockett, present Scrubby Bear to the kids. For those of you not familiar with Scrubby Bear - It is an American Red Cross health program for children, dedicated to teaching kids how to effectively wash their hands and to stay germ free.

We visited many classes that day, and each class was filled with such great kids! Claire taught the kids about the importance of hand washing, covering your cough, teeth brushing and staying healthy through a fun interactive presentation.

During the hand washing demonstration the kids were told to wash their hands as long as it takes them to sing the ABCs. The class then erupted in a joyous song of the ABC’s while pretending to wash their hands. I joined in with my beautiful singing voice – American Idol here I come.

So, when did the famous Scrubby Bear make his appearance?

It wasn’t long until that cute little teddy bear showed his fuzzy face. With big eyes and smiles on their faces, the children watched as Claire introduced Scrubby Bear through a fun story about Scrubby Bear’s encounter with his misguided friend Tulip and her not so sanitary practices.

Such a fun day with the kids of Melcafe Elementary!

To learn about other Red Cross youth programs, go to

- By Erica Diermeier, Marketing & Communications Intern

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