Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tell Us How Your Pet Has Changed Your Life

In honor of April being Pet First Aid month, I would like to introduce you to my fish, Toxie. Yes, Toxie (the name is a long story…).

Toxie is over 7 years old and has lived a wonderful, long life because I take very good care of him. Just yesterday, I cleaned out his tank and bought him a new plastic plant. What have you done for your pet recently?

Pets are considered part of the family. They greet you when you walk in the door, can put a smile on your face when you’re having a rough day and are full of affection. Give back to your pets by learning about pet safety! If your dog started choking, would you know what to do? If there is a disaster, a fire or tornado, do you have a plan that includes helping your pet?
The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago offers great pet CPR/First Aid courses, as well as pet first aid kits that can help your pet in a flash if something were to happen. Be prepared and check out www.chicagoredcross.org/petsafety for information on signing up for a class or buying a kit!

For me, Toxie has been a constant in my ever changing life. He’s moved with me to four different apartments and traveled the long road from Madison, WI to right here in Chicago, IL. He’s also a very good listener and I don’t know what I’d do without his fishy company!

Leave a comment and tell us, how has your pet changed you life? We want to know! Submit a photo of your pet to chicagomc@usa.redcross.org and it could be turned in to an ad on our homepage! Try to model your photos on what you would include in a disaster kit. If for any reason you and your furry (or scaly or feathered) friend are separated, it is important that you have a picture that proves ownership. Make sure that you send in a picture that includes both you AND your pet!
By Cassandra Wilander, Marketing and Communications Intern

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Pets are wonderful for your health! I grew up with dogs and they made me a more active, passionate person. I now have a 5 month old puppy of my own (Kingston) and it has changed my priorities.
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