Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flirting for Disaster: An amazing way to contribute to the Red Cross

Know what's really cool about Chicago? All the young, swanky single professionals. You probably see them on the street as they scurry into their equally swanky offices or apartments and contemplate to yourself (out loud, of course, with hand to chin), " do I introduce myself to this seemingly elusive group? If only I could see their eyes under those dark, oversized sunglasses."

Admittedly, introducing yourself is a daunting task. Especially if you yourself are also hiding behind equally opaque and oversized eyewear, complemented by your "I'm on my way to the office" face which, as a rule, isn't particularly inviting.

So, what to do? Walk the streets searching for friendly glances? Stand on the corner handing out your business card to strangers? No way.

Doing the latter might earn you some spare change, but your best bet for meeting new people in this city is to attend one of the numerous networking events held every week in venues across Chicago. And, as an organization made up largely of young professionals interested in contributing to the community, the Auxiliary Board of the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago has one of the best tickets town (don't be alarmed by the long name).

Their Flirting for Disaster social mixer series draws a young, philanthropic and professional crowd to upscale venues throughout the city. By attending an event, you're going to meet an outstanding group of like-minded peers while helping support the work of the local Red Cross as we respond to disasters in Chicagoland every day.

The last event, held at Rockit bar and Grill in River North was a huge success. With a raffle, DJ, salsa dancing and drink specials, the packed house had an amazing time. Next up is Summer Social at The Underground Chicago, one of the city's hottest nightclubs. The date is June 24. Click
HERE to check it out.

If you're interested in joining the Red Cross Auxiliary Board, click HERE to sign up. We're always looking for new members and it's a great way to contribute to your local Red Cross. For more information, contact Jessica Wheeler, manager of special events at (312) 729-6134.

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