Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Cross First Aid Class Helped a Hit Bicyclist

During the summer, DJ Barraca rides his bike to get to work in Chicago. As part of his usual routine, DJ leaves home with two bags, one of which includes his American Red Cross first aid kit. One morning, while DJ was on his way to work, one of his bags got stuck on the front part of his bicycle. He attempted to fix his bags at a stop sign when a semi-truck pulled up in front of him. “I was in this very uncomfortable position, and I ended up crashing into the truck” DJ recalls. “I was very close to work, and I didn’t know how serious my injuries were, until I got to work and I saw my face full of blood” DJ says. Fortunately, he had taken one of the First Aid classes offered by the American Red Cross, and he was prepared with his Red Cross first aid kit. Thanks to what he had learned in class and his first aid kit, DJ was able to tend his injuries, and avoid infection. DJ was safe, his injuries healed, and now more than ever he realizes the importance of being prepared.

DJ is an excellent example of why it is important for bicyclists to be prepared in case of an accident. Knowing how to tend to an injury, whether it’s only a scratch, a cut or just a bruise can make a difference. DJ’s accident is one of many that happen in Chicago. The American Red Cross encourages bicyclists to take a First Aid class, and be prepared to act in case any accident happens when on the road.

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