Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Chicago Red Cross joins forces with Chicago Sister Cities to aid Pakistan in their time of need.

It was a great day for the Red Cross. Two days ago I attended a Lahore Pakistan fundraising event hosted by Chicago Sister Cities. It was a great experience for me to see so many people from all over the world coming together to help a country in need. Governor Pat Quinn, and Senator Dick Durbin were two of the attendees of this event. Their emotional speeches truly inspired a lot of people to open their hearts and help those in need. I was truly honored to see these two political figures coming down to join in the effort to help Pakistan. The fundraiser was a huge success raising a grand total of $34,734 for Pakistan flooding disaster relief efforts. “We want to make sure that we rebuild the schools, rebuild the roads, and we help people who are in dire straits,” Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said. Senator Dick Durbin remarked, “When we hear of the need of someplace in the world like Pakistan we gather together as one family.” This is one of many huge steps in helping Pakistan recover from this terrible disaster. With a little help and generosity we can all make a difference. To date we’ve pledged $5 million to the relief efforts.
For more information about how the American Red Cross is helping in Pakistan visit

See how Red Cross is doing their part to help Pakistan.

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