Monday, April 11, 2011

Hometown Heroes

Working with the Red Cross, we constantly hear amazing stories of generosity. Sometimes, we hear stories that take generosity to a whole new level, whether they are related to donations, rescues, service or anything in between. Last Week, ABC Good Morning America published a story about a live kidney donation that was made possible through the wonders of one of our favorite social medias: Facebook.

When Jeff and Roxy Kurze found out that Jeff’s kidneys were failing, their world was shook. Hearing the bad news that it would take approximately five years for Jeff to receive an appropriate kidney, Roxy turned to social media. By simply posting a facebook status asking anyone to forward her information on live donors with type O blood, Roxy and Jeff received the miracle they had been desperately hoping for.

Fortunately for us at the Red Cross, we get the opportunity to publicly thank individuals who have made life changing differences in the lives of others. In fact, we have the honor of recognizing everyday local heroes once a year at our annual Heroes Breakfast, which is being held on April 14. The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago is honoring 18 heroes in 11 categories. One of which, is also a live kidney donor from Evanston, IL.

After hearing from his favorite cashier at the local Jewel Osco that her kidney was failing, Dan Coyne, a school social worker, offered his matching kidney to Myra de la Vega. The two did not know each other very well, but Dan felt compelled to help. The procedure took place last spring and Myra and Dan have since become family.

Along with Dan, we have an amazing group of individuals who have all done heroic acts over the past year. We have heroes ranging from military mothers, a World War II nurse, fire fighters to even a teenager who by the age of fifteen has already made an impact to many children living with epilepsy. Take a moment to learn more about each of our local heroes.

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