Friday, December 05, 2008

Job Searching?

Have you lost your job? I’ve been there and it can be a very scary time, especially around the holidays. The news is reporting that unemployment is up.
More people are going to be looking for jobs and finding ways to keep themselves busy while they search for another one.
We’ve got two ideas for you; volunteer and/or build new skills.
Volunteering will help you keep your skills fresh while you are searching for the perfect opportunity. Yes, actually, now that you asked we DO have opportunities here if people are interested in helping the Red Cross while keeping those skills up to date. A nice byproduct of volunteering is it also makes you feel really good.
Find out how to volunteer here.
Build your skills in your current field or another one that may be more stable. We offer training in CPR/First aid and other skills that may aid you in finding a job as these skills are required for many professions and may make your more marketable in certain fields. Interested? Check out this page for our course listings.

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