Thursday, April 02, 2009

Beware of Fish Bones

So you can't get more Mexican Catholic than María de los Ángeles Corral. Yes, that's my name. And I was dutifully sent to a Catholic school, St. Wenceslaus, right here in Chicago. And during Lent, we absolutely followed the rules on "no meat Fridays." As a child I wasn't fond of fish and ate it with difficulty, and once, I actually nearly choked on a bone. My mother made me eat half a banana to push it down. Needless to say, I definitely felt the intersession of a divine force that day.

As with many Mexican mothers, life's emergencies are resolved with tactics that balance myth and true science. A banana is not the way to help a choking child, nor anyone for that matter. BTW, my mother has since taken a CPR class and at least in the choke rescue department, she is relying on science for the next emergency.

For all those out there who will be eating fish tomorrow, beware of the bones. And if you think you are not ready for the moment when someone will surprise you with the international sign of choking (hands at throat), get yourself to a class (there are still openings in our extended CPR Training Days event) or at least watch this video.

I know you all grew up with some crazy or very sensible ways to get out of choking emergencies. Tell me about it! I want to hear them.

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