Friday, December 04, 2009

New Faces, Same Goals

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You may have noticed some new bloggers on the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago page recently. Myself, (Megan McCarthy) Brian Lewis-Jones, and Ashley Wierdsma are all members of AmeriCorps. What's that? Well, I'm glad you asked!

AmeriCorps is a national service organization, often referred to as the "Domestic PeaceCorps." We are a group of dedicated individuals who work at non-profit organizations all over the country, building communities through service.
At the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago, there are 15 current AmeriCorps members and we represent the Safe Families Program. Our mission is to reach people in underrepresented areas through the American Red Cross Preparedness Programs. We teach in schools, churches, other non-profits, community organizations and community programs. The best part: most of our programs are FREE to the communities we serve!

We offer:
First Aid,
Babysitters Training,
Kid Safety,
Community Disaster Education
and Family Caregiving courses.

To find out if your community is served by AmeriCorps, contact the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago.

Over the next year, you'll hear our stories, meet our members, and learn about what the AmeriCorps is doing with the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago to help prepare for, prevent, and respond to emergences in Illinois.

Can't wait that long to learn more about AmeriCorps or the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago? Well, click on the links below to find more information!

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