Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Red Cross Collaborates For Relief Effort in Gaza

After following the news closely for the past 10 days or so, it has become more than apparent that there have been serious consequences for the civilians caught in the middle of the Gaza conflict.

I feel hopeful and empowered knowing that there are international humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross and its sister societies, that are actively laboring in solidarity with each other and in common respect for human dignity despite the challenging conflicts that lay before them.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been working in close conjunction with the Palestine Red Crescent Society and Magen David Adom, who are each responding to the affected populations and civilian causalities within their respective regions. Together, they are all making a difference.

On the home front, the American Red Cross has pledged to contribute approximately $250,000 in support of humanitarian aid of the International Committee of the Red Cross. With the situation abroad is becoming increasingly more dire, the financial contributions of the American Red Cross will go toward providing the much needed water, medicine, medical support, as well as hospital supplies. Additionally, the American Red Cross continues to stay informed and involved with the efforts International Committee of the Red Cross as well as its sister societies abroad, prepared and available to help.

If you would like to continue to stay conscious and further educate yourself on the role of organizations such as the Red Cross during armed conflicts, take a class! The American Red Cross offers some interesting courses on Humanitarian Law for both youth and adults to foster dialogue and understanding of the basic principles of human rights. Learn more about these courses here.
(Photo courtesy of Redcross.org)

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