Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How can you be a hero? Watch some videos for inspiration

We talk a lot about heroes at the Red Cross. I think it’s because we are surrounded by them-our volunteers, the people we serve, the first responders we meet at disasters and the people we run across who do extraordinary things for each other.

Last Thursday we honored some local heroes for doing amazing things; watch their videos for some inspiration. Stories include those of people like Brian Otto, a Chicago firefighter who saved a child from drowning in Lake Michigan and Irving Ibarez, an office worker, who performed CPR on a coworker and effectively saved his life. It’s pretty inspirational stuff.

You can be our hero by signing up as our fan on Facebook and by following us on twitter. This week we’re even having a contest (with prizes, not that you need that type of incentive) to see who can recruit the most fans to our Facebook Causes page. We even have a poll you can fill out and let us know what type of information you want to hear about from us from us.

This is unrelated but I know it’s top of mind for many; if you’re looking for Swine Flu info visit the CDC web site they’ll have the most up to date info on this situation as it evolves.

Additionally here’s an ABC-7 press conference from yesterday about Swine Flu, featuring Dr. Damon Arnold, giving some other tips about how to avoid Swine Flu. (there’s a very loose connection here to today’s whole hero theme, Dr. Damon Arnold-now the state public health director who is speaking in the press conference news clip, received an American Red Cross of Greater Chicago hero award two years ago).

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