Monday, April 27, 2009

Volunteering = Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Hello dedicated Readers – we hope you enjoyed the fabulous weather this weekend!

We apologize for our absence – it has been a bit crazy over here in Disaster Services.

Last Saturday, Sam was deployed to Mena, Arkansas to assist those affected by a string of tornadoes. Sam worked with the Disaster Assessment Team and the Client Casework Team to not only reach out to those whose homes were damaged, but also used his computer skills at Headquarters to make sure everything was organized and accounted for. While most deployments are between two and three weeks, the team in Mena was able to assist those in need in a much shorter time – Sam came back to us Thursday and is once again ready to roll with Greater Chicago’s Disaster Services team.

Back on the home front, Chicago’s DAT Responders were busy as ever! This past weekend, we responded to ten incidents! Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we made sure that everyone affected by fires in their homes were safe and sound with food, clothing, shelter and necessary medications. Way to go guys!

And now – some exciting news!!

The American Red Cross needs all you Facebook-ers to help spread the word!

Greater Chicago is having a FanRaiser and is giving away some neat prizes for those who help out!

FIRST STEP: Become a member of our Causes page.

SECOND STEP: Get your friends to join.

THIRD STEP: Win a cool prize

Easy Enough?

The person who recruits the most fans will get an Eton Radio, a self-powered and water proof radio, perfect for emergencies.
The person who recruits the 2nd most fans will get a neat vintage Red Cross bag!

If you happen to recruit the 3rd most, or less, you get to feel good that you helped the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago in their efforts to raise some fans. And if you do that, I’d treat yourself to some ice cream.
~Lily and Sam

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