Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Need some reading material? Check out our running safety tips and local running blogs

I have been working to support the promotional efforts of the Greater Chicago Red Cross Run Red team for the Chicago Marathon, so I’ve been keeping up with a lot of local running blogs. The following are a few of the ones I’ve found fun to read. Those of you who are recreational runners or entrants in the race might find some of these resources interesting:

In it for the long run: Leslie Patton writes for runners of all abilities and goals. She offers information about running in the Chicago area and training, local races, running stores. She also writes about her experiences as a runner – unusual anecdotes about things she encounters while running: once a deer ran into her, she writes.

Chicago Running Examiner: Brenda Barrera has been running and competing in road races and triathlons for over 20 years. She was the National Web Editor for The Running Network as well as Editor for RunMidwest and Chicago Athlete.

I’m Running Red! : Barbara, one of our Run Red Team members and a contributor to Greater Chicago Red Cross News, maintains this blog on her experiences training for the Chicago marathon.

Chronicles of a First Time Runner: Rahul, a volunteer with the Greater Chicago Red Cross and a member of the Run Red Team, records his progress as he trains for the Chicago Marathon in Singapore.

Running News Guy: If you’re training for the marathon, a 5k, or simply running because you like it, you’ll want to check out this blog by ABC7 reporter John Garcia. He is a lifelong runner and offers advice for runners of all levels.

These blogs offer a lot of great advice about running and the situations both new and veteran runners experience. One of the tasks I’ve been assigned recently is combing through our safety tips and ensuring they’re up to date. While I was looking through our Web site, I came across these Runner Safety Tips.

A lot of the tips seem like they would be common sense, but many people forget them when they hit the trails on the weekends. I ride my bicycle along the Lakefront Path every weekend, and most of the runners aren’t carrying water with them. I know there are water fountains along the trail, but staying hydrated is important. You can’t replace all the water lost during a hard run with only a few seconds at a water fountain. Make sure you know where those fountains are along the path. That’s just one example of some of the common sense things you can do to make yourself safer during your runs. Some of the other suggestions are to run on a shaded path, tell someone about your route so they can find you in case of an emergency and don't ignore pain. One more thing to consider is to dress appropriately for the weather (just like the lady in that picture to the left). All of these things can maximize the benefits of your training (or recreation) and minimize the liklihood that you'll be injured! Check them out!

--Gentry Lassiter is an intern in the Marketing & Communications department of the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago.

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