Monday, July 13, 2009

Would you be prepared to save your pet’s life?

Many people have a close bond with their pets. Their pets are a companion, a friend, and even a part of the family.

I have seen this first hand. My father loves cats; he even named his cat Sox, after his favorite team~ the White Sox. I have seen him spend countless days sitting on the couch with his favorite pet right by his side. The cat even waits for my dad to come home from work, and then hops on his lap as soon as he sits down.

I have seen this scenario played out countless times with multiple friends and family members. Whether it is dogs, cats, or any other pet, many people treat their pets as a member of the family. They play with their pets, by special treats for them, and some even bring their pets on vacations. And I know that all of these friends and family members would do just about to anything to protect their pets from harm.

American Red Cross is helping people prepare to do just that. The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago offers Pet First Aid Classes and Pet Safety Tips that help people prepare to keep their pets safe in times of emergencies.

American Red Cross of Greater Chicago is offering $10 off Pet CPR Classes and 15% off Pet First Aid Kits designed to help you learn how to keep your furry friends safe in the case of an emergency.

Learn how you can be prepared to save your pet’s life.

American Red Cross of Greater Chicago Marketing and Communications Intern

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