Friday, April 16, 2010

Red Cross Aquatic Training

Summer is here! Or at least it feels like it. Knowing Chicago, we'll surely get a few more cold, windy days to ruin our fun. It's OK though, because that just means more time for YOU to go out and get a swimming or lifeguarding course out of the way before it's time to hit the pool.

Are you a teen starting to think about Summer jobs? Our Aquatic Lifeguard Training course will teach you the skills necessary to land that first lifeguarding position. As long as you're a competent swimmer, the class should be a cinch. Just think, you'll get paid to work on your tan by the pool all day with an endless supply of ice cream sandwiches flowing from the snack bar. Perfect! Plus, it'll look great on those college apps.

For the more experience poolside professional, the Chicago Red Cross also offers Aquatic Lifeguard Instructor classes and even Lifeguard Management. It's B-school for the pool!

...ok, not really, but you will learn effective techniques for managing and hiring other lifeguards.

Those that spend time around water but don't need a lifeguard certification can benefit from some of our other classes, such as Small Craft Safety and Basic Water Rescue - perfect for camp counselors, deck hands, fitness professionals and families with boats or pools.

Training sites are located in multiple locations in the greater Chicago area. Click HERE for a list of available classes. Hope to see you there!

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